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I Was On The Radio

I Was On The Radio

After my successful Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail, I did an interview with a local journalist. He wrote an awesome article about my 6 month journey. The article was printed in two local newspapers (Gmünder Tagespost and Schwäbische Post). You can read the article on their homepage. Sadly, the full article is only readable if you have an account.

Nevertheless, one week after the article was in the newspaper, I got a phone call. The phone call was from the radio (SWR ULM). Wtf? I never got a call from the radio 😉 They asked my if I wanna visit them in the studio for an interview which should be on a local show. Of course I said yes!

I drove to Ulm and did a 16 minute interview with Volker Wüst. They also filmed the whole interview. You can watch the cut version of the interview on their homepage. As it’s a german radio the whole interview is in german.



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