Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Glaskogens Naturreservat

Glaskogens Naturreservat As Fabian and I finished our canoeing trip we had three days left in Sweden before we had to head back to Germany. What should you do with three days of free time...


Aggenstein Two weeks after my Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike my buddy Johannes asked my if I wanna join him on a day hike in the alps up to a mountain called Aggenstein. Even I had two...

Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park I went with Emanuel (a colleague of mine) to the Lake District National Park in England for a four day hike. We took a flight from Frankfurt to Manchester. It was...

Distance Challenge

Distance Challenge For my upcoming thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail starting at April, 10th 2018 I definitely need some more training. I have a bad knee injury for a few years. My patella is broken...


Felsenmeersteig Last weekend I went out with some of my friends to an awesome hike in the swabian alps. The trail we walked is called Felsenmeersteig. It is known for it’s scenic and impressive landscape....
My name is Matthias, also known as "Bernie". I'm a sofware engineer. But I'm also addicted to hiking and beeing outdoors.