Friday, September 24, 2021
BerniesTrailLife - Glaskogens

Glaskogens Naturreservat

Glaskogens Naturreservat As Fabian and I finished our canoeing trip we had three days left in Sweden before we had to head back to Germany. What should you do with three days of free time...
BerniesTrailLife - Canoeing in Sweden

Canoeing in Sweden

Canoeing in Sweden I was looking forward to this two week Sweden trip for a long time. Sweden is one of my most favorite countries. The landscape is simply stunning and the people are very...

I Was On The Radio

After my successful Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail, I did an interview with a local journalist. He wrote an awesome article about my 6 month journey. The article was printed in two local newspapers...

Canoeing On The Shenandoah River

Canoeing On The Shenandoah River As we planned our canoeing trip while staying in Waynesboro, we called several outfitters for canoe renting options. Most of them told us that the water level on the river...

White Mountains

White Mountains As we celebrated Sherpa‘s birthday the other day, we already knew that we would stay another day in town. We went to the Yellow Deli. I would say it’s kind of a religious...

Four State Challenge

Four State Challenge Two days before we arrived in Harpers Ferry we heard about this challenge. It’s possible to hike four states just within 24 hours. You have to start about three miles south of...

The 100 Mile Wilderness

The 100 Mile Wilderness We totally enjoyed our nero day in Stratton. Nowadays we realize that our bodies are kind of running out of energy. My body feels just like the battery is getting empty....

Summit Day

Summit Day Having the opportunity to stay at the lovely cabin, which Sherpa‘s parents rented, was amazing. Little did we know that we should stay another night at the cabin pretty soon. We only had one...
Hiking Gear

Final Hiking Gear

Swap out Appalachian Tail Hiking Gear For years all the hikes I did were day hikes. There was no need for equipment like a big pack or a tent. I started longer hikes with a...

Distance Challenge

Distance Challenge For my upcoming thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail starting at April, 10th 2018 I definitely need some more training. I have a bad knee injury for a few years. My patella is broken...
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